Sunday, May 1, 2011

Where the heck is B-Town?

Burien Washington

I have been remiss in my communication with friends and family, so to kill 200 hundred birds with one stone, so to speak I decided to blog about Roger, Charlie and I in B-Town. Where the heck is B-Town you may be wondering?  Beautiful Burien, Washington. When Rog and I were ripped away from sunny San Diego a year ago, we looked all over the Seattle area for the right place for us, and it happened to be Burien. A little background on our town. Burien is a quaint little city just due south of Seattle on the Puget Sound. Close to the city, yet very far away in terms of atmosphere.

As soon as we drove through the main street in town with its great downtown area with quaint shops and inviting eateries and tree lined sidewalks, we were smitten with the area. Our house is in an area called Three Tree Point. Past Burien, along the waterfront on a winding country road. I will have a whole post on the beauty and history of 3TP soon. For now a photo of the neighborhood will show you why we jumped right on it and decided that if we were forced to live in this cold and soggy state, we might as well have a nice view.

Mt Ranier
Sunset from our deck
View to the south
Walking the dog down our little street
Downtown Burien
These should give you a little bit of the flavor of B-Town and our new habitat! Very homey, small town feel.
So my blog will follow our adventures in the great north woods and keep you all up to date on our lives.
This is not a commercial venture, just an updated version of the family holiday newsletter. Hope you enjoy it!

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