Friday, July 8, 2011

Fourth of July Part 2, Party in B-Town

Well folks, it was a very busy weekend in B-Town. Alex came up from Arizona to spend the fourth with us. What a treat to have my bouncing baby boy around for the festivities!  This was his first trip to the Pacific Northwest and he found it pretty cool. Really cool, as it was 120 degrees when he left Phoenix and 60 when he arrived in Seattle.

Is this a handsome guy, or what?
So the 4th started with the community breakfast on the beach at 9am. We didn't get going fast enough to make that, so went into town and had breakfast at Huckleberry Square.  Yummy and the best breakfast in B-Town. Voted on Yelp to be the best place to go with a raging hangover, how can you beat that?

When we got home, we collected Charlie and headed down to the beach via the indian trail. This is the trail that the Salish Indians used in the old days to get down to the shoreline and has been preserved. Also know as the Moonlight Trail.

The weather was fabulous and the flowers were blooming, just a glorious day!
We made our way down to the beach and to the community flag raising ceremony.  As usual, held at the Cancro residence on the beach. The kids recite the pledge of allegiance and we all sing America the Beautiful, a real small town kind of celebration. After the flag is raised and the new neighbors introduce themselves, everyone lines up to follow the newly crowned King and Queen of Three Tree point in a parade along the beach road. It is quite the sight and takes you back to what I had thought was a forgotten era.

Charlie hangin with his friends, making some new ones too

The fireworks chairpersons, Scott Schaefer and Laura Peterson who did a great job of organizing this years show.

The newly elected King and Queen of 3TP

The Parade begins

All of the houses are decorated

After this parade, we went into town for the official Burien 4th of July parade.

Then it's home for potato salad and chicken and of course beer!  A little rest before the rest of the afternoon activities and the fireworks show at night.

So far a great day full of community spirit and celebration of this wonderful country that we call home.  Hope you all had as great a day as we did, and I will finish with some pictures of the fireworks show from our deck.

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