Monday, January 23, 2012

The Great Seattle Snowstorm/Ice-storm of 2012

It has been awhile since I have blogged. The main reason being a lack of interesting things going on in my day to day life. Roger and I are on different work schedules right now and we have unfortunately drifted into a ships in the night existence.  He works days and I work nights with different days off, so that means that we don't get out and do anything together. You tend to fall into the day-to-day rut of your routine existence. It happens to us all every now and again. So how do you make time for that quality companionship, a blizzard and ice storm!

It started out nicely enough, fluffy snowflakes falling through the pines. Starting to coat the branches. A pretty winter wonderland worthy of a Currier and Ives print.

Then it kept snowing. The roads iced up and we were stuck at home. No problem, quality time!! We lit a fire and got ready for a nice cuddly snowcation.

Charlie loved it, we took him for a walk in the snow and he met some friends out playing in it too.

Then it snowed some more!!!

And some more.......

At this point, walking the dog was not so much fun.

But we are still having fun at this point. Can't go to work, so we're gonna watch some movies and snuggle and watch it snow. Great couple of days. Then the Ice Storm hit.  I have never experienced the dreaded ice storm before and do not want to again. A freezing rain fell as the temperature plummeted over night and left us with a half inch if ice coating the six or so inches of snow that we had already. Everything became encased in ice.

The weight of the ice and the existing snow in the trees caused the branches to start breaking off, even entire trees came crashing down and what that means is power!  The lines came down beneath the trees. So we had no power for some time and again had to huddle in front of the fire place wrapped in blankets to keep warm.  Thank goodness we truly enjoy spending time together, snowed in with no electricity, heat or hot food for a couple of days. No showers either, phew. So we read alot. Talked. Played Scrabble on my Kindle Fire. And tried to keep each other warm while convincing Charlie that he really didn't need to go out to pee.  That was tricky on the very slick and icy road. In the silence all you could hear was the wind and the loud cracking of the tree limbs. Very scary sound.

A huge branch broke off of this tree in our backyard.

This one fell and blocked the street and was drug to the side.

  So we ended up trapped in the house from Tuesday night until Saturday morning, a great little vacation. And that quality alone time I was wishing for with my dear husband. This week we are back to work and normal life, the sun is actually shining and all is right with the world again. But I actually will miss the dinners of cold cereal by candle light evenings that we shared during the Great Seattle Ice Storm of 2012.

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