Monday, August 13, 2012

Block Party!

It has been a great summer in B-town! The weather has been good and the rain has faded into a distant memory. When the sun is shining in the Pacific Northwest, there is no more glorious place to be. The temperature is in the 70s and 80s for the most part and the sky is blue. These are the days that we so look forward to as we trudge through the dark and wet days of the rest of the year. These two months of blissful, sunlit days of Mid July to Mid September.

After being locked away for the long dreary winter, the people of B-Town flock to the streets in summer to revel in sunshine. The air is sweeter and life is good. We have numerous celebrations in the streets. The Farmers Market is in full swing with the freshest of local produce and merchandise each week in the town square. Each evening the sidewalks are full of folks strolling or dining al fresco in Olde Burien.

One of the summer traditions is the Olde Burien Block Party each year and we attended this fun afternoon of great music and cheer on the closed main street. The party lasted from noon til midnight.

The street is closed and the stage is set, let the party begin!

The annual sausage eating contest!

My favorite band of the day, the Pink Torpedos

He was singing from our table! We were lucky enough to score the table right in front.

Quite a crowd........

that kept on growing.

West Side Sally, great band.
Fortunately we only live a half block from where the party was and walked (stumbled) home from there. What a great time.  I absolutely love living in this small town community. Even though we are minutes away from the bustling Seattle city center, it seems miles removed from the quaint atmosphere of B-Town.

Back on the home front, we have been working in our new yard and the results are starting to show. We have new flowers and edibles growing all over the yard. Tomatoes, Strawberries and plenty of flowers.

Charlie on patrol!

Summer in Seattle is a wonderland of flowers.  Next spring we plan a full veggie garden and we should have our flock of hens by then.  Yay!!!

Next week we are off to Canada for a vacation in Whistler, I will blog about that next. Til then, greetings from B-Town!

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