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If You are in Pittsburgh on November 9th and can use a little Luv.....

This blog is going to be a little different than the usual.  I am going to shamelessly plug an event put on by my sister Jami to benefit the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank,  

The following is from the official LUV FEST page. You can use the link above to get there.

Jami Luvfest “Enough for ALL”

In my childhood, when money was very tight, we still had enough.  If someone happened by the house during dinnertime, Billie jumped up and grabbed a place setting, because she had made enough for all.  In our adulthood, we kids have scratched our heads trying to figure out how she did it.  But the formula was simple:  She had enough LUV in her to stretch out food or clothes or presents or anything.
So the question I pose to you is simple:  Do you have Enough for ALL?  If your answer is the affirmative, I want to see you on Friday, November 9.

A typical Thanksgiving dinner with my family. That's a much younger me third from the right, with Billie at the head of the table. 
I could go on and on about my mothers generosity and the way she brought people together with food and fellowship, but my dear sister Jami who has picked up the mantle of feeding the world with her open heart and tireless spirit has done it so much better than I could.  So I will just steal her words with rampant plagiarism, what are sisters for!

About Jami Luvfest by Jami Marlowe

November is a significant month in my life — the day of my birth and the anniversary of my mother’s death.

In 2007, after agreeing to meet to celebrate my birthday, my friends also agreed to donate the cost of a beer ($5) to the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank. All the donations were handed over in memory of my mom, Billie Marlowe.
The next year, the event was spontaneously named when someone mentioned not missing the “Jami Luvfest.” Also in 2008, people I had never met showed up, but they were happy to donate and eat some garlic fries and chat.

So last year, we decided to get a bigger place. Once again, my friends came through in a big way. We had entertainment and raffles and great food and music. The next day, it dawned on me that a tradition had quickly come into being and would continue to grow every year — or until hunger is abolished and there’s no longer a need for the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank.
Until then, every year at the end of fall, we’ll have Jami Luvfest. We’ll eat, drink, laugh, dance, donate, and honor all moms by remembering one.

About Billie Marlowe

Every time I think I’m giving to you, I realize how much more you are giving me.– Billie Marlowe
Invoke the name Billie Marlowe and food is the first word that pops into mind. She usually spent most of a holiday in the kitchen, then lounging at the table after dinner enjoying a cigarette, a cup of coffee, and any good yarns being told. That table was large enough to welcome all, including numerous friends throughout my life. Not enough were not words in her vocabulary. There was always enough — enough room at the table, enough food on the table, and enough love around the table.
At Billie’s Purple Fork in Brownsville, PA, customers were loyal to her down-home cooking and creative desserts. However, Thanksgiving was special. From 1992-1997, Billie opened her doors on Thanksgiving to everyone for a free meal of salad, turkey, potatoes, stuffing, corn, and her homemade pumpkin pie. She didn't accept financial help for the day and none of her employees were required to work. The meal was prepared with the help of her son and daughter and served by her other daughters, grandson, and granddaughter. Her son-in-law delivered meals to men working at police, fire, and ambulance stations in Brownsville and West Brownsville. When the last plates had been washed and restaurant’s kitchen tidied up, her family would sit and eat.
By the final year, that late-eating table would include a few customers who volunteered their time so that they may earn a place at Billie’s Thanksgiving.
After retiring and moving to a senior independent-living apartment, Billie continued to use food as a way to bring people together. She organized a “Souper Sunday” where people were encouraged to make soup and bring it to the recreational room in an effort to break bread with each other. She delivered soup to anyone unable to make it because of health or other issues. Again, she incorporated her children the celebration including having her son grill at summer picnics and cookouts and her son-in-law dress as Santa to visit the other tenants during the holidays.
Diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in October 2006, Billie Marlowe spent as much of the next four weeks as she could creating memories for her friends and family. She couldn’t cook, but food was still at the center of gatherings. This time it was her friends or her kids preparing the food. Her final Thanksgiving (actually held in October) was small with only immediate family in attendance but it was not short of food and love.
In celebration of your mother’s memory and generosity. Jenn Novak, dear friend.
This was the very first GPCFB donation made in memory of Billie Marlowe and the catalyst for Jami Luvfest and all the subsequent volunteerism.  Luvfest, Bagelfest, and all the other crazy ideas I come up with for the Food Bank is in celebration of Billie.


  • Friday, November 9, 2012
  • 7:00 - 10:00 pm


  • 945 Liberty Avenue
  • Downtown Pittsburgh, PA 15222

    My siblings, Elizabeth, Jami and Wally at a past Luv Fest

    I was lucky enough to attend last years event and wish that I could make it this year as it keeps getting bigger and bigger.  This years party will be held at the Toonseum in the cultural district of Pittsburgh, a very unique venue. There will be food, beverages and entertainment and of course, Lots of Luv.  Please support my family in our goal of honoring our Mother and feeding Pittsburgh.  You can donate at this link if you are unable to attend in person.....

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