Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Boy has a Girl- Part One

We were blessed a couple of weeks ago with a visit from Peter and  his new Fiancee Emily to the dreaded Meet the Parents vacation. I really like her and they were a breath of fresh air for us to have for a week. They are planning to get married sometime next year. I have to say that they are an adorable couple.

Peter and Emily are living in Boerne, Texas outside of San Antonio, which is the last place on earth that I would ever guess that you would find my left wing tree-hugging son, so she must be pretty special. I am surprised that the state of Texas really let him across the border! But they seem really happy and in love.

We had a great time with them in spite of the fact that The Boy came down with a cold and sore throat for most of the week. He was a trooper though as we took them on a whirlwind tour of Seattle. Emily had never been to the Pacific Northwest before and we wanted to show them the sights. I was lucky enough to get a few days off to spend with them.  The morning of their arrival was one of the prettiest picture postcard days that we have seen in ages.

This ain't Texas, Baby!!!

Nice view of Mt Ranier
After an evening of catching up and visiting with the kids, they were ready to hit the road and see some of the scenery and local attractions. Since Roger and I both had to work on their second day here, they trekked to West Seattle on their own for the day. That's The Boys favorite place to hang out when he is visiting us. It's a couple of minutes north of us and a very trendy, hipster area. Coffee houses, indie rock. etc.
They strolled around for the day and after I got off work, I met them back in B-Town at Elliot Bay Brewing Co  for a beer and a nosh before heading back to Three Tree Point for the night.

Emily in West Seattle

We got up early the next morning, since I was now off for five days!!! Yeah!! But Rog had to work, Boo.
We decided to head into town for breakfast. My favorite  for a great and leisurely morning is 909 Coffee and Wine in Olde Burien.  After a great breakfast we hit the road to check out some of the local scenery. I decided to go east on this trip and we headed toward the Cascades and out to Snoqualmie Falls. A truly breathtaking sight that really makes you appreciate natures glory.

Me and my baby boy!

Pete and Emily

There is so much beautiful scenery around that area it is always on our out of towners tour list. Overlooking the Falls is the Salish Lodge and Spa, which is owned by the Muckleshoot Tribe that I am employed by.
A very romantic hotel in an idyllic setting. You may recognize it as the setting for the TV show Twin Peaks.

We hiked around the falls a while and then continued our adventure on to the Snoqualmie Casino! Talk about a change in scenery!  A little gambling in a vast array of flashing lights and ringing bells and crowds of people is just the thing to balance out a morning of natures beauty. So a couple of hours there until the kids lost five dollars a penny at a time, high rollers those two, and it was off for the long drive back to B-town to meet Roger for dinner. You guessed it, we went to our favorite place, the Tin Room

And this was only the second day! The following day was Saturday and we had plans to go to the Poverty Bay Blues and Wine Festival just down the road in Des Moines. Perched on a bluff overlooking the marina is the Landmark Event Center where the festival is held every year.

We sipped and strolled, bought 6 bottles of great local wines, and headed home for a nap and dinner in. A quiet night to catch up and visit some more. As we had a big day planned for Sunday. An early start and it was off to Seattle for a day in the city. A very full and action packed day, so I will leave off here for now and save that for Part 2 of this blog post. Til then--Denise