Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Adventures in B-Town 2.0

Well it has been awhile since my last post and there are several reasons for that. The main one being the fact that we have moved. Thus the Chapter 2 in the title of this post. We have left our idyllic hideaway on Three Tree Point and moved to a cozy bungalow in Olde Burien. Only four doors down from the heart of Burien and situated on a street of 1940's storybook clapboard houses with neatly mown lawns and flower gardens, sits the new Vandenbroek estate.

It is a darling house with a big yard that is totally fenced with chain link.  Charlie is ecstatic with his new home.  Being a runner, he has never been allowed to roam free off the leash. (You may recall our failed experiment on Vashon Island with allowing him to roam free.)  Now he is the King of the Yard! You can actually see him smiling as he runs from one corner of his domain to the other.

The new yard contains 3 apple trees, yum and a chicken coop.  There will be alot more about the coop in the future as we are going to fix it up and get some chickens. Our plan is to get some baby chicks so that we can get Charlie used to them gradually.  I can see some humorous postings coming up as we raise both species to co-exist as free range animals. More on that in the near future.

Being in the center of town has been a totally different experience than living in a more secluded home on 3TP.  We certainly don't have the spectacular view, but we probably have met more neighbors in our first weeks here than we did in the first year out there. And how convenient to just stroll a half block to grab a bite at our favorite watering hole, The Tin Room.  Or any of the other great restaurants within walking distance.

We spent the 4th of July in town starting with Bloody Marys on the sidewalk outside The Mark, as it was a nice sunny day.  Most of the businesses were open that day because of all of the downtown festivities. It started with a cycling race in the morning and the 91st annual Burien 4th of July Parade. It remained a beautiful warm and sunny day, yay!!!

Bloody Mary time at the Mark!

Olde Burien main street

Ready, Set.....

The "PRO" category of the cycling race.

We waited for the parade to start from inside Mick Kellys Irish Pub, great food and great view.

The sidewalks really filled up. And a glorious afternoon it was for a parade.

Both of the candidates for Governor marched in our little B-Town Parade.

The Miss Burien hydro, seated in the boat is our friend Scott Schaefer publisher of the award winning B-Town Blog

These little girls were adorable.

The Seafair Clowns were in attendance, a Seattle tradition.
A perfect day that ended with some grilled steaks at home and the fireworks over Lake Burien that we had a great view of from our back porch with a glass of wine.  I think we will enjoy being "townies" in Olde Burien. So starts Chapter 2 of our B-town adventures. Til next time!